Degree Requirements



Public Policy MA Program aims to equip students with the theoretical and practical skills required to design, implement, and evaluate public policies. Graduates will have acquired the necessary knowledge on the needs, grounds, and spheres of government intervention in economic and social life in modern states as well as institutional and statistical skills for devising and assessing public policy in specific areas.       

Positive impact of public policy on social welfare requires consistency in defining the grounds and goals of policies, and clear explanations of the specific economic and social problems as well as the market deficiencies which the policy has been designed to solve. In this sense, specialization in public policies necessitates an interdisciplinary approach inspired by political science, public management, and economics. Furthermore, a competent program also needs to cover advanced econometric methods that are being used to assess the impact of public policy on social welfare. Sabancı University Public Policy M.A. Program offers an interdisciplinary approach and provides students with the latest tools of policy assessment. Graduates will have the expertise to work in the public as well as the private sector, the rapidly expanding think-thank and consultancy industries, or to pursue doctoral degrees in public policy or related fields of the social sciences.  

Program Requirements may vary according to the year of first enrollment. Please click here to see the program requirements for new students.

Continuing students may track their program requirements on Student Resources web site based on the relevant level (undergraduate/graduate), year of first enrollment and program.

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