Sponsored ongoing and completed projects of Faculty Members

Abdurrahman Aydemir

Gender Differences in Education in Turkey: Primary and Lower Secondary School Period and High School Transition, TÜBİTAK Research Grant, 2012-2015

The Impact of Integration Policies on Immigrant Outcomes: Cross-country Evidence from EU, European Union 7. Framework Program Marie Curie IRG, 2010-2013

Economic Outcomes of the First and Second Generation Turkish Immigrants in Europe: Cross Country and Across Time Variations, TÜBİTAK Research Grant, 2008-2011

Ahmet Alkan, Alpay Filiztekin, Ali Çarkoğlu and Fırat İnceoğlu

Measuring Value Added in Secondary Schooling in Turkey, TÜBİTAK Research Project, 2005-2008

Eren İnci

The Economic Analysis Garage and CurbsideParkin in Downtown Areas, TÜBİTAK Research Program, 2011

Hakkı Yazıcı

Intergenerational Social Mobility and Its Determinants in Turkey, TÜBİTAK Research Program, 2012-2015

Motivating Parents to Invest in Children, Marie Curie Reintegration Grant, 2010-2013

İzak Atiyas, Toker Doğanoğlu, Fırat İnceoğlu

Analysis of Competition Board Decisions: From a Law and Economic Perspective, TÜBİTAK Research Program, 2008-2010

İzak Atiyas

World Bank OECD Project, World Bank, 2003-2004

Korel Göymen

Pendik Local Development Project, Municipality of Pendik, January 2008

Canakkale Kent Eylem Plani Projesi, Municipality of Canakkale and Canakkale Yerel Gundem 21

Tufanbeyli Socio-economic Development Project, EnerjiSa, June 2008

Nimet Beriker

Liberal international relations and Instruments of Foreign Policy: An Integrative Approach, TÜBİTAK Research Program, 2008-2010